Wednesday, March 31, 2010

omega gods: omega gods 2012

Here is the band that asks the question, "What if the world ends in 2012?" omega gods 2012 was slated for release in 2012, but then, omega gods collected their minds and decided to realize their profits now.

Note: I'm not sure that the depiction is not Egyptian rather than Mayan, but who really cares when you're playing horseshoes with hand grenades?

Baby - You’re So Square

Baby - You’re So Square (Special Reissue Edition) -2007
Release Year: 2007 | MP3 | 320kbps | 156 MB | 56:05 Min
Genre: Hip Hop, Old School Rap

Special reissue of the classic 1988 rap album, original album plus remixes, instrumental versions and more.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Kübler-Ross Conspiracy: Eyes

The Kübler-Ross Conspiracy was an American indie rock band formed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Jason Trojan in the early 1990s. The band was noted for its experimental sound, obscure lyrics, and eclectic instrumentation. Trojan took the band's name from a popular book about death and grieving.

Trojan's first release as The Kübler-Ross Conspiracy was the 1994 EP Mouth, a short collection of tracks featuring Trojan and several uncredited studio musicians. On the band's full-length debut album Ears, which followed shortly thereafter, Trojan was joined by Dwayne Hancock who contributed production and instrumentation. The Kübler-Ross Conspiracy released Eyes in 1998, which became their most well-known and critically acclaimed album. Although the album did not meet commercial success at the time of release, it has gone on to sell over 300,000 copies and is often ranked as one of the greatest albums of the 1990s indie genre.

Despite growing popularity, the group disbanded in 1999 after Trojan became disenchanted with touring and the music press, later having a nervous breakdown and then diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Abducted by Aliens, How to tell if you’ve been

Abducted by Aliens - How to tell if you’ve been (2006)
Trip-Hop/Nu-Jazz/IDM | MP3 | CBR 224 kbps | 64:00 | 94 MB

Abducted by Aliens is very much a crossover band, both in geographical and artistic terms. The band has three Danish members, plus a Japanese DJ and an English MC, who together create ethereal and filmic music which elegantly interweaves elements from hip hop, electronica, jazz and classical music. They seem to fit in equally well in a hip club in Tokyo or on a stage at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. With this in mind, it doesn't seem inappropriate when the group describes itself as a skateboard seeking out open spaces and the edges of urban culture.

talon sky: jacks and aces

Featuring the number one smash hit of all time, "the night I borrowed my daddy's fifth and his forth wife," jacks and aces is jam packed with tales of debauchery and near incest.

If you like, "the night I borrowed my daddy's fifth and his fourth wife," you'll love "moon roof for my pick-up" and "shuffle my knuckles."

But there's more, much more, included here. There's "poker stud" and "mother chrome" and the tune Hot Rod magazine called "bad ass," "three mile peel-out."

Don Grimes says, "Check it out."

Friday, March 26, 2010

horn head radio: really strange these signals

A combination of song snippets, down dial radio noise, and moose calls, horn head radio lead singer Kyle Seagram calls really strange these signals "a post-verbal gut."

Album Cover - FAVORITE

02 - 25 - 2010
Album Cover - FAVORITE
12" x 12"
Acrylic Paint - Found Images - Paint Pen - Album Cover

Thursday, March 25, 2010

watermelon sugar

Another band that took its name from a Richard Brautigan novel, Watermelon Sugar is not the same as Trout Fishing in America. However, Watermelon Sugar may regroup as Willard and His Bowling Trophies later next year.

Please note that Watermelon Sugar lead singer Kilgore Trout did not take his name from a Richard Brautigan character and that the last novel band he was a member of, namely, Ironweed, is not a Kurt Vonnegut novel.

Montana radio station KLBZ, better know as Kill Buzz, is offering four free tickets to the next Watermelon Sugar concert (if you can call it a concert) to the first caller who can correctly answer the question, "What Richard Brautigan work did Watermelon Sugar bass player Tokyo Montana use as the basis for her name?"

New World Order - Crimes Against Humanity

Chthonic Forces - Adjustment

bleed band: dripping

Featuring "serenade a mesquite tree," "pee cup cere-mony," "skunkier gets," and "race with the devil," critics across this globe consider this album a tribute album to the Taurus religion. Count your cows when this band comes to town.

Album Cover - Cowboy Love

03 - 25 - 2010
Album Cover - Cowboy Love
12" x 12"
Found Images - Paint Pen - Album Cover

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Country Living: New Adventures in Exotic Pet Ownership

Country Living was a cowpunk band who formed in Garden Grove, California in November 1982. The band enjoyed a strong cult following throughout the 1980s and early 1990s before the tragic spelunking death of lead singer and guitar player Slim Jim Dakota in 1993. Their music has been described as an combination of cowpunk, jangle pop, garage rock, Texas swing and rockabilly.

The band's 1987 album New Adventures in Exotic Pet Ownership is considered a classic in the cowpunk genre. It was named one of the top albums of the 1980s by and was used as the soundtrack of the Oscar nominated documentary Slim Chances, which chronicles the life and death of Slim Jim Dakota and his girlfriend, dancer Josie Wolly.

Friday, March 19, 2010

popsicle spring

from "earth band"

we're the doo-wop in your day-o
we're the hum dum trio
what do you say? we say so
fingers snap air, let's go
tricky rickey roo
bounce like a kanga

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ten Ten (a.k.a. 10/10): S/T

Ten Ten (a.k.a. 10/10) is a Canadian indie pop duo composed of Jack Martin (drums, lead guitar, vocals, piano) and Michelle Corse (vocals, guitar, bass drums, bass guitar, and cow bells). Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia they formed in September 2005 while attending the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts.

The duo has released three singles on their current label, including the single Weez Up Wit Dat, which charted number one on the Canadian Singles Chart on March 12, 2006. Their self-titled album debuted on March 19, 2006 and charted at number one in Canada and #11 on in the United States.

splatter Kat

from "Closed"

The oompa loompa are on vacation
The candy colors are amazing

Lime green jump suit and buckets of dye
I am splatter Kat

Open the dream sky

your sacrifice

waiting for the monster

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

glup: spankier

from "sherry tea"

shoose shoose with a waddle doddle
ice glistening summer skate inflate
plastic pool shine tanning oil lawn
trim take a squish fish bright chrome
bone steak bake lips ketchup cherry
barely shoose goose with a stealing
glance ants floatee dance baby stroke

d f cult: sink hearse

from "riding along"

these things happen
these that do
guilts its own mother
father do
these things happen
these that do

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ohm ohm: between a mantra and a measure of resistance

from "red lightning"

in a wicked blink
if night forgives
everything against
and far away and for
a way to find
the morning blind

thermite fossil: full rigor

from "zoo pudding"

age lives in skin
and that skin is itching

Sad Sad Babies: Hey du

Sad Sad Babies is a German krautrock band formed in 1972 as The Groovin' Babies by Hans Klausner (drums) and Berthold Ebersbacher (bass) and later joined by Didi Osterhagen (guitar). In time for their Eurovision debut in 1974, Spit Wannemaker replaced Osterhagen to solidify the classic Sad Sad Babies line up.

Sad Sad Babies were related to the free jazz music scene, both through their work with transexual French pianist Dorothea and through Klausner, who had already won several international jazz competions. The band was also influenced by rock artists, such as Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, 13th Floor Elevators and early Pink Floyd.

The band's 25th studio album, Hey du, was released in 2009. The album cover saw the return of the Kewpie doll motif that was used on the band's first ten albums. The band is often remembered for the tragic accident at a 1982 Munich concert that killed three audience members. A 15-foot tall Kewpie doll balloon was accidentally filled with hydrogen gas and it exploded violently during a pyrotechnic display. Bass player Ebersbacher was also seriously injured in the explosion.

Monday, March 15, 2010

the pillars of civilization

from "Roman Ruin"

whose tax dollars built
the road to the circus
whose human torch
made the god of cruelty smart
whose bully pride
give us our last ride
that in the Coliseum fed
dream of dominion
now hail the bloody pile
and if we be no more
sound the charge and sing
glory to Caesar

earth soldiers at the kitchen table: fresh bait

from "The Great Fish Hunt"

I got a clutch of worms
In my net
Because birds are like fish
At breakfast.

Then I set a trap for the sky.

And I read a book on how to hunt bear
While baiting my hook with beads
Of carmel and toffee
But not because water is like air,

But because dinner's not next.