Friday, July 7, 2017



Editors note:

I'm gonna be a bit minimal this time. It was fun. Making this issue was really satisfying experience. I've met lots of interesting people, got so many ideas i'm almost overwhelmed. It is really good. I'm proud of this issue. It came together naturally as mesmerizing kaleidoscope with intense humming.

The submission flow was tight but relatively clean. 52 letters if being exact. Rather big number for a niche poorly named online magazine which is barely indexed in Google and barely exposed (hey, i'm in charge i can be honest). Even rejected submission weren't that bad. Just not something that can be used in BNW with maximum result. And I had a really funny discussion on politics of including bio and photo on one of the posts in the submission calls groups. Anyway...

Look at the line-up - all top-notch hardcore funkateers!


Table of Contents:

  1. Siobhan Elvis Atkins - Five Asemic Pieces
  2. Peter Carlaftes - Three Poems
  3. Drew Pisarra - Goo-goo Story 
  4. Carlo Parcelli - Wakey! Wakey!
  5. Jenne Kaivo - Science don't lovers just grew on the eyes
  6. Jim Andrews - from Aleph Null 2.0
  7. Michael Stewart - QR poem
  8. Don Kingfisher Campbell - Eight Poems 
  9. Rafael Gonzalez - Makings Buttons
  10. Rie Sheridan Rose - Spam Poem 
  11. Larry D. Thacker - Two Poems
  12. Dylan Kinnett - If You See Something, Say Something 
  13. Edward Kulemin - Crumpled Poems

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

extinguishing what can’t be taken back

extinguishing what can’t be taken back
© 2016 Jim Wittenberg
asemic, digital, poem, visual

Sunday, May 29, 2016 call for Asemic Writing exhibition proposes a call for Asemic Writing exhibition. The call concerns asemic handwritig, asemic and Vispo, asemic and glitch, and the other asemic declinations.
Curatos: Francesco Aprile, Cristiano Caggiula, Elisa Carella

Curators will chose the works that will be exposed.

All the artworks will not given back to the artist because the works will be included in the Utsanga archive.

Size limit: 50×70 cm

Deadline: 20-07-2016

Send to:
Cristiano Caggiula
Via dei Crispolti 29
Palazzina 12, Interno 12
00159 – Rome