Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mychayl Semenko. Avantgarde. VIsual Poem

Ukrainian Futurist, leader of the movement. 
This work is from his VisPo book "My Mosaic"(published in 1922) titled "Avantgarde". It is one of the landmarks of Ukrainian VIsual Poetry and the prototype of the Concrete poetry in Ukraine.

Translation of the text:

Hello to you, the Few
the Happy and Talanted boys

On this Earth
OF WOrm-eaters

We're ahead
and Behind us

caravaN caravAN caraVan CARAVAN
In our prairies

no worms are living
Nothing to eat for the worm-eaters

So They will die squirming
And for all those
Who are behind -
Our Backs
Are Torches for them