Sunday, October 7, 2012

Liubov Iakymchuk. Matches (how to write poems)

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Liubov Iakymchuk is Ukrainian poet of the younger generation. THose who are quiet, wild and lonely in their struggle with the holy motors. SHe got book of poetry "Like Fashion" and her overall style is heavily influenced by the legacy of Ukrainian Futurism, particaularly by the personality of Mychayl Semenko, and by the manners of the Kyiv Poetic School, escpecially Vasyl Holoborodko. Here is one of her visual poems, she calls the Photo Poetry. The method consists of the processed photo as a place and phrazes - going out of the center of the image or, in opposite, being pressed of the space as an expressionistic commentary. Fire coming out of the Monkeys Head, if ypu know what i mean.