Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mychayl Semenko. Yearn for the BEast . Visual Poem

Ukrainian Futurist, leader of the movement. 
This work is from his VisPo book "My Mosaic"(published in 1922) titled "Yearn for the beast(or Longing for Animal)". It is one of the landmarks of Ukrainian VIsual Poetry and the prototype of the Concrete poetry in Ukraine.

Aa Aa Aa
Asian men _ aoyoe
All sorts of Aa
Aa _ Aa _ Aa _
Yellow in furs
Chocolate with matches
In the nose
Oh my nose my nose
and my slanting eyes
Oo _ Oo _ Oo
Who's gonna pierce
Me, the beautiful,
Who's gonna pierce
My nose by match
aA aA AA
oO oO OO